Members are hereby notified that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (DUCC/the Chamber), will be held at the offices of Danske Bank, 75 King William Street, London EC4N 7DT on 29th November 2017 at 17.30.

Each corporate member's main membership contact will also have received this notice by direct email. If you believe you are the Chamber's main contact and have not received it, please get in touch with the Chamber right away by email to Managing Director Gunnar P Larsen.

The full notice is shown further down.


As per the Articles of Association clause 14, the Chairman of the Council calls for the passing of the resolution to be held by a poll submitted by email or post to the Chamber no later than 48 hours prior the meeting (17.00hrs 27 November 2017), or by show of hands on the day.


Number of votes

The number of votes each member category has is set out as follows per the Articles of Association clause 22:

  • Individual Members 1 vote
  • Small Corporate Members 2 votes
  • Large Corporate Members 5 votes
  • Patrons/Advisory Board Members 10 votes

Entitlement to vote

Every fully paid up member of DUCC is entitled to vote and attend. A member is entitled to appoint another person as their proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend, to speak and to vote by proxy or vote at the meeting.


Questions prior

There will be an opportunity for members to ask questions on the Resolution prior to the EGM via email to either Chairman of the Council Louis de Courcy Wheeler or Managing Director Gunnar P Larsen


This event is for members only. All attendees at the EGM must register no later than 48 hours prior (17.00hrs, 25th November) to the meeting. To get access code please request access link by email.  There are no charge to attend.


29th November 2017

17.00 Registration – only members can attend.

17.30 EGM Chairman bidding Welcome

  • Presentation of Resolution – merger
  • Q&A
  • Vote of Resolution

18.00 End of EGM – followed by joint drinks reception with members from the Danish Club

20.00 End of event.

Free to attend – strictly for members only.



The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (The “Company”)


Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General 17.30 (Registration 17.00), 29th November 2017 at held at the offices of Danske Bank, 75 King William Street, London EC4N 7DT – for the purposes of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolution:


As Extraordinary business:


1. To vote on the resolution:


That the Council are authorised to agree terms for the merger of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (“Existing Company Vehicle”) with The Danish Club and to take such steps as are necessary or desirable to complete the Merger including:



(a)     the incorporation of a company limited by guarantee with the name “1” (“New Company Vehicle”) and adopt the Articles of Association in the form made available for inspection at the Chamber’s registered office at 55 Sloane Street, London and via the website (Articles) from the date of this notice and this the Extraordinary General Meeting;

(b)     the transfer of the Chamber’s assets from the Existing Company Vehicle to the New Company Vehicle on and subject to such terms as the Council may determine; and

(c)     to take such steps as are necessary or desirable before or after completion of the Merger to dissolve the Existing Company Vehicle.


2. To transact any other business of the company. 


DATE:     Monday, November 06, 2017





NOTE:                     A member entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his behalf.  A proxy need not be a member of the Company. A form of proxy can be requested by email

Editorial by Matthew Wright, Managing Director Dong Energy UK

Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy

What’s in a name? Well, for companies around the world a name can mean an awful lot.

A company name is a snapshot of what an organisation stands for, embodying the spirit, direction or ambition of that business.

We’ve just announced that at DONG Energy, we’re changing our name. That’s because as DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), we’ve outgrown our fossil fuel roots and the name no longer stands for who we are.

We’ve divested our upstream oil and gas business, decided to stop all use of coal and have become the world’s largest developer of offshore wind. Our journey on this green transformation means that our old name no longer fits – for obvious reasons.

Our new name is Ørsted, after Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted who helped lay the foundations for the way we produce power today. He spearheaded several key scientific discoveries, including the discovery of electromagnetism in 1820.  

Inspired by his curiosity, innovation and dedication, we think this new name truly reflects our transformation into a fully-fledged renewable energy company, and the path we have already begun laying for our future direction.

wind turbines

Our offshore wind business is part of a hugely successful and growing UK industry, providing a substantial source of green energy, as well as high quality jobs across the country and a thriving supply chain for businesses.

2017 has been a significant year for our offshore wind operation too. In May, we completed work on our Burbo Bank Extension wind farm, featuring the world’s biggest offshore turbines, opened a new £6 million base on the Wirral to support its operation and took our first steps into battery storage.

In July, the first ever wind turbine blades manufactured at the Siemens blade factory in Hull were fitted at our Race Bank project, off the coast of North Norfolk.

August saw first power generated at our 659 megawatt Walney Extension project, off the Cumbrian coast, which will become the world’s largest operational wind farm on its completion next year.

And in September we were awarded a contract to build an even larger offshore wind farm – Hornsea Project Two – at the lowest ever price for offshore wind in the UK. This project alone will be capable of bringing green energy to more than 1.5 million UK homes, supporting more than 2,000 jobs throughout its construction and up to a further 130 permanent jobs during its long-term operation.

In addition to these fantastic milestones for our offshore wind business, we’re also nearing completion of our world first bio-energy plant in Northwich. The project is a brand-new waste treatment facility, which will separate recyclable materials from household waste and generate green electricity at the same time.

So 2017 has been a great year for us, but with our new name comes an even greater determination to continue leading the energy transformation in the UK, and across the globe.

As Ørsted, we look forward to continuing our great relationship with the DUCC. And we hope to inspire other members to help realise our vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy.


Discover more at

editorial full article image 

Read more about Dong Energy here >> 

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Editorial by Lars Thuesen, new Ambassador to the UK

As the new Danish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, I am honoured to have the opportunity to write this editorial and reach out to the distinguished members of the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce.

During the past six years, I worked as the Director of the Trade Council at the MFA, Denmark’s governmental export and investment organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our main mission is to support Danish companies in expanding their businesses internationally and attract foreign investments to Denmark. The value of Danish export corresponds to approximately 55% of our GNP. Our growth and welfare depend on the success of our Danish companies’ ability to grow their business globally and it is therefore one of my primary tasks to support Danish businesses in the UK. With over 700 subsidiaries in the UK employing close to 90.000 workers and Danish investments amounting to DKK 5.6 billion, the UK remains one of our most important trading partners.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Danish businesses are concerned about the future consequences of Brexit. The UK is our fifth largest trading partner and 50.000 Danish workplaces depend on our exports to the UK. Despite the depreciation of the British pound, we are pleased – and to an extent surprised – that Danish exports to the UK increased by 20% in the first half of 2017 in comparison to the same period last year.

Brexit will certainly create challenges, but the UK will continue to be an attractive export market for Danish companies due to its position as the fifth most populated European country and the largest EU capital with over 8.7 million living in London. The UK luxury market is expected to double in size over the next five years and Danish companies in this segment are experiencing tremendous interest for their products. We are furthermore witnessing major growth in the British manufacturing sector, where Danish companies are experiencing demand for new technologies aimed to support the productivity and competitiveness of these companies on the global market. The UK will continue to need state-of-the-art technologies and innovative services to further support the challenges faced in sectors such as healthcare, energy, environment and ICT and Denmark is positioned strongly as a leading supplier in these industries.

It is in all of our interests that Brexit be smooth and transparent. At the Embassy, it is our priority that we support both Danish citizens and companies navigating in the new state of affairs and ensure the best framework conditions for our nation’s future growth. Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, Denmark will aim to remain a strong and reliable trade and investment partner and I look forward to some productive years ahead representing Denmark in the UK.

  DJOsOAvXkAAWsCN.jpg large

Here, Lars is with the board of Danish Export Association at the Royal Danish Embassy to discuss consequences of different Brexit scenarios.

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Editorial by Gunnar Larsen, DUCC


Dear Members and Readers, 

We are back! After a little break over the summer, the Chamber is now back in full gear and with new colleagues too. 

New DUCC Colleagues 
I am pleased to welcome Deanne Lintorn, Events Manager. Her role is mainly events management focusing on the 3rd of the Chamber's key offerings - Events. 

We have over the last couple of years seen an increasing interest from members who would like to take the lead arranging groupings within the membership, to exchange knowledge within particular industry or job functions. A great example of that has been with the Premier Membership - The Advisory Board's Human Capital and Organisational Development gatherings for Senior Leadership focusing on HR and Strategy. A new group is currently being initiated around food. With Deanne in place, we can now also support these kinds of initiatives a lot more effectively and we want to encourage more events like this, as they provide a great business focus for our members. 

I am also pleased to welcome Simon Lundby Pedersen, who took over the role as intern with a primary focus on the Chamber's 2nd key offering - Profiling. 

Profiling of the membership is an important role we wish to put more emphasis on. We are in a unique position in having a platform where membership companies can introduce themselves to an international business network. Using the Chamber's web and Social Media websites, Simon helps to push your messages out to the membership and a wider international audience. 

To see how you can make the most of your membership with this offering, please consult our interactive document here, designed to help you swiftly maximise your company profile and brands via the Chamber. Interactive document 

Personally, I will of course still very much be involved across the board, but will increasingly look to make the connections you need - the Chamber's primary key offering - Connections. 

Unique branding 
The biggest event for the 2nd half of the years is of course the Annual Christmas Lunch, and with over 60 confirmed we aim to make it a good afternoon again at The Banking Hall. 

We are actively looking for companies who would like to sponsor the event this year - up to 2 Official Event Partners, and 3-4 Supporting Partners. Why not use this unique platform to promote your company and brand(s)? For a modest contribution, your brand will be in front of an international audience of business leaders and well-known companies - last year we had over 200 attendees. Do contact Deanne or me to find out how you and your company can get involved. 

We are also looking for donors for the "Pakkelej" and the Raffle – a fantastic way to place your company products and the sooner you commit the more time we have to tell members about it through the Chamber's digital outlets. 

Our founding belief is that our Chamber is a 'Forening' - a Danish word that best translates as 'Association' or 'Fellowship', meaning we are member-driven. The more you put in, the more you'll get out. 

We are back and I welcome members to get in touch, and anyone who could be interested in becoming member - Join here.

Kind regards, 



Gunnar P Larsen 

Managing Director 


Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Ltd 

55 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR 

+44 (0)20 7259 6795 

imageLDanish-UK Chamber of Commerce



The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Ltd. Registered in England. 55 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SR. Company No: 2416078. VAT No: 503451387




Louis de Courcy Wheeler, Chairman of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce, awarded HE Ambassador Claus Grube Life Membership as Honorary Member of the Chamber.

Louis Wheeler stated:

“His Excellency Clause Grube comes to the end of his tenure this summer 2017. So on behalf of the Chamber, and from me personally, I would like to thank you for the support you have given us over that time. I have personally been very grateful for your advice, support and friendship in my role as Chairman”.

His Excellency Ambassador Claus Grube has been a strong supporter of the membership of the Chamber and the award was presented to him at the Chamber’s Annual Gala Dinner 2017 at the Middle Temple, where the Ambassador was the Guest of Honour and Guest Speaker.

Claus Grube has been the Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s since 1st October 2013 and Lord-in-Waiting to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark since January 2016.

The Ambassador has had an extensive career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he has held several senior positions. He graduated in Law from Copenhagen University in 1976. After a short stint in the Ministry of Justice he entered the Danish Foreign Service in 1977.

From 2000-2009 he was Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the EU in Brussels and from 2009-2013 he was Permanent Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark.

DUCC Honorary Members

The Ambassador joins an exclusive group of people who have gone out of their way to support the Chamber. An Honorary membership is awarded at the discretion of the Chamber Council for true and loyal support to the membership and the raison d'être of the Chamber. 



The Møller Centre "HCOD Symposium"


Danish UK Chamber of Commerce – Operating in dynamic complexity.


Around 30 Danish senior leaders from some of Denmark’s largest organisations including LEGO; Scandinavian Airline Systems; Novo Nordisk UK Ltd and Schneider Electric met at the Møller Centre (13/6) for their quarterly Human Resource Forum to discuss ‘Operating in dynamic complexity.’  As a member of the Danish UK Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board, the Møller Executive Education team provided leadership development content for the Forum which included a session from Møller Senior Associate Sudhanshu Palsule exploring ‘Leading Change in an uncertain world.”

Gunnar Larsen, Managing Director of Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce explained, “Our HCOD Network is a platform for Human Resource management within membership of the Danish UK Chamber of Commerce Premier Membership – the Advisory Board – to  share organisational and managerial best-practice, expertise and develop business opportunities in an inspiring way, and there could be few places as inspiring as the iconic Danish-designed leadership development and conferencing centre. 

Sudhanshu’s talk focused on building the resources to lead change in times of complexity and how to inspire people through authenticity and purpose.  For his talk to be delivered in a place inspired by the connection between two great leaders, Sir Winston Churchill and Danish shipping magnate Maersk McKinney Møller, was very special and resonated with the Danish business leaders present.  The group also heard from Lone Jacobson, Analyst Relations Director at Schneider Electric on their Thought Leadership Journey.

They were preceded by HCOD Network Chair Lani Bannach, Essenta, who set the scene of the Symposium. Her talk focused on how to analyse the environment, assess the effectiveness of the strategy, and how to be prepared to rise to the challenge of speed and complexity!”

Møller Executive Education typically partner with CEOs, Heads of Learning & Development and other senior executives to design and deliver practical leadership development programmes for their current and future leaders. Their experienced faculty work alongside these clients to understand and address specific business needs and challenges through practical, highly-customised programmes, which create positive outcomes for individuals, organisations and their communities that have a lasting impact.

Tim Hill

Marketing Manager, The Møller Centre




The Møller Centre is a valued member of the Chamber. Visit their member profile for more information. 


Jan leaving the DUCC

Dear members and extended network,


It is with great sadness I am leaving the Chamber after having been an active and loyal part of it for over 19 years and especially in the past 2 ½ year as the marketing and events manager. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for making my time at the Chamber a fun and memorable one. The great opportunities and interesting initiatives I have been part of in terms of the LuxHub, Creative Hub, the Energy event and lately the HCOD network together with getting to know you and your amazing businesses has been a true privilege.


I would also like to thank the Council, Louis, Gunnar and not least Karen as well as our previous interns and scholar for the past 2 ½ years. It has been a great working with all of you and I am sure we will meet again at the Nordic Drinks as I take up my new and exciting position as General Manager at the Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce at the end of the month.


All the very best,



The DUCC are pleased to announce new distinguished Guest of Honour and Dinner Speaker H.E. ambassador Claus Grube. Due to the UK general election the initially advertised Guest of Honour, Vivien Life, unfortunately had to withdraw and had to send her apologies. 

Mr. Grube has been Denmark's Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s since October 2013 and will come to the end of his term this summer. With his extensive career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he has held several senior positions including Permanent Secretary of State to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We are very pleased to have such a capacity addressing the Annual Gala Dinner. With the title of his speech being "Great Britain seen from across the North Sea" we are set for a very interesting evening. 

The DUCC Annual Gala Dinner

The Middle Temple, London 11th May 2017


H.E. Ambassador Claus Grube
Guest of Honour and Dinner Speaker 
Danish Ambassador to the UK

Pre Premier of OperaUpClose, the award-winning London based company, planning a tour of Denmark produced by Copenhagen based producer and organizer Miolto Arts & Music. 


With With 10 hit singles and two albums to date, Scandinavia's NABIHA has created a name for herself as a brilliant writer and performer across Europe with a reputation as a surefire star.. Multi-platinum sales, nominated for more than 14 music awards, 33 chart placements, 50 syncs and an ongoing stint as a Denmark’s Got Talent Judge, shows the impact NABIHA has had in her short career so far. Continuing on her quick ascent, Nabiha is set to release a brand new EP of which she will be debuting some of that new material at the gala. 


Master of Ceremonies, well known TV journalist and London correspondent for Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Kim Bildsøe Lassen, Danish journalist and TV Presenter, Danish Broadcast Corporation (Danmarks Radio - DR)
He has been employed at DR since 1998 taking up various roles including Managing Editor of DR News. He has been DR’s US correspondent as well as Head of Foreign Affairs at DR’s prime time television news.
Since 2007 he has been the anchor of DR’s prime time TV news. In 1996, he won the “Special Journalism Award Palestine”. Since 2017, he has been DR’s correspondent in London, covering news from the United Kingdom and further afield.  



We strongly encourage you to register for this event as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Attending Companies   

Subject to terms and conditions and Eventbrite booking fee

If paying by credit card via Eventbrite, the ticket prices are subject to a credit card fee levied by Eventbrite. Payment via BACs can be arranged - please call the office +44 207 259 6795 for more on this.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations by email before Friday 21th April 2017 17.00 hrs are fully refundable. After this date no refunds. Suitable replacement can be acceptable at the discretion of the organisers

Terms & Conditions
Subject to terms & conditions.

Kind regards, 

The DUCC-team

+44 207 259 6795 or email


The DUCC Annual Gala Dinner

11 May 2017


Guest of Honour and Dinner Speaker 
Director of Free Trade Agreements, Trade Policy Group, Department for International Trade

With 10 hit singles and two albums to date, Scandinavia's NABIHA has created a name for herself as a brilliant writer and performer across Europe with a reputation as a surefire star.. Multi-platinum sales, nominated for more than 14 music awards, 33 chart placements, 50 syncs and an ongoing stint as a Denmark’s Got Talent Judge, shows the impact NABIHA has had in her short career so far. Continuing on her quick ascent, she will release a brand new single aptly titled “Issues.” and EP named, I O U 19th of May 2017..

Pre Premier of OperaUpClose, the award-winning London based company, planning a tour of Denmark produced by Copenhagen based producer and organizer Miolto Arts & Music. 

Master of Ceremonies, well known TV journalist and London correspondent for Denmarks Radio 


We strongly encourage you to register for this event as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Subject to terms and conditions and Eventbrite booking fee

Kind regards, 

The DUCC-team

+44 207 259 6795 or email 

Award-winning London based opera company OperaUpClose are planning a tour of Denmark produced by Copenhagen based producer and organizer Miolto Arts & Music.

“OperaUpClose is leading an artistic revolution” The Sunday Times

Representatives from both companies met for the first time in London during a performance of OperaUpClose’s La bohème at the Cock Tavern Theatre. We were very excited to discover our shared vision and passion for ‘opera for everyone’, and as we exchanged plans for the future, we developed the idea of bringing this prizewinning production on a tour of Denmark.

Throughout 2016 we have worked intensively on all the elements necessary for an international tour, amongst others timetables, budgets, dialogues with UK and Danish Arts Councils for financial support, etc.

We are now entering into the final phases of planning and fundraising that will lead to a tour of Denmark in the 2018/19 season. We intend this tour to be the first of many productions on which the two companies will collaborate.

We, at OperaUpClose and Miolto Arts & Music, are extremely grateful to DUCC for giving us the opportunity to present our common vision and perform a few musical extracts from the production at the Annual Dinner in London, May 11th 2017.

On behalf of OperaUpClose                           On behalf of Miolto Arts & Music  

Robin Norton-Hale                             Tonny Borup Mortensen

Artistic director                                    Co-founder, director

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Are you looking for an international Internship platform to push your career ambitions forward? 

Do you have a passion for social media and marketing? Do you want to be part of an international organisation located in fabulous and pulsing London meeting people from all around the world?

Then you are the intern candidate we are looking for and please send us your application now!

The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce (DUCC) is looking for a new intern for a 12 month period with start 1 August 2017 (or if you prefer 1 July 2017). A 6 months period is feasible too, though you may not have as much ownership of developing your role as a 12 month period will give you.

As a membership driven network association fostering corporate relations between the United Kingdom and Denmark you will help to give our members a Profile across the network in the best possible way.

Staying alert to the “real” news from and about members you will be instrumental in making the Chamber act as a conduit of business updates and success stories for these international corporate members, including LEGO, Swarovski, DONG Energy and CENTRICA to mention a few.

We need your drive, skills and understanding of social media and marketing to give the membership an edge. We give you an internship in network and international perspective.

Your decision to join us will give you an advantage in understanding international companies’ way of working. You will get insights into functions across companies, and learn about industries you probably didn’t even know existed. With an open mind and attitude towards business relations, you will create invaluable connections for your future career.

Network is all about creating relations, “pay it forward” thinking and helping others and not immediately expecting anything in return. You will then gain a trust and a goodwill that will open doors across the world.

At the end of your internship you will have an insight across many industries not many will get in a lifetime.

The question you then want to ask yourself at the end of your stay is not – “can I reach for the stars?” but instead “which stars do I want to reach for?”!

Read on for practical details, and how to apply - deadline Sunday 19th March.

Yours sincerely,

Gunnar P Larsen
Managing Director


Your work consists of various tasks such as:
• Profiling membership on Social media (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram)
• Stay alert to membership news and success stories
• Create and edit the monthly newsletter, incl. news you feel are exciting, vibrant and worth reading
• Website editor
• Membership liaison
• Participation in internal and external chamber meetings
• Event management support

Your skill set could include:
• Experience with marketing/social media
• Good administrative and organisational qualities
• Being outgoing, committed, and ready to take responsibility
• Good telephone manners with a smile
• Have good interpersonal skills
• Be self motivated
• Proficiency in English and ideally Danish too at a high level both written and oral
• Good IT understanding
• Enrolment in higher education

As an intern, you will participate in the daily activities and chores of the office. The main tasks are to support the Marketing & Events Manager and ultimately the Managing Director.

The Chamber
The DUCC is a membership lead and membership owned network organisation. Our main purpose is to support trade and investment through relation creation and management between the United Kingdom and Denmark. Via Denmark we have a Scandinavian reach and via the UK a global reach. Through our 3 key offerings of 1-2-1 connections, member profiling and events the chamber provides a platform where trade relations are fostered and nurtured to the benefit of the membership.

Practical information:
• Compensation:
The Chamber provides the intern with a contribution of £300 per month + contribution to transportation in central London equivalent to a 2 zones travel card plus a contribution towards mobile phone expenses.

• Working hours and Holiday:
Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. including a daily lunch break.

We have a number of evening events throughout the year and both offer and expect a commitment to flexible working hours subject to prior notice and approval.

Over a 12 month period you will have 5 weeks of holiday plus regular UK Bank holidays at your disposal.

• Duration of internship:
The internship is 12 month period (6 month possible) from 1st August (alternatively 1st July). You will be responsible for finding your own accommodation.

• Security clearance:
As we rent office space within the Danish Embassy a security clearance check for previous criminal convictions will be undertaken, and all named referees will be contacted and checked.

If you are a UK resident we will at your expense request you to provide us with a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service checks from the Criminal Records Bureau – formerly CRB checks - )

Application Deadline:

The next deadline is Sunday 19th March 2017 by email address to:
Managing Director Gunnar P Larsen, gpl (at)


Your application and CV should be submitted in English by email only and if OK with you an up to date picture please.

Telephone/skype interviews will be conducted in English the following 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us on +44 207 259 6795 or – marked “Internship Autumn 2017”


Mathys & Squire - Official Event Partner at Innovation in Biotech

We are proud to announce Mathys & Squire as Official Event Partner of Innovation in Biotech - What is the buzz really about today? 26th September 2016 in London. The Seminar features distinguished speakers like Peder Holk Nielsen CEO Novozymes and Mene Pangalos EVP AstraZeneca Innovative Medecines.

Mathys & Squire is one of Europe’s most established and renowned specialist IP firms. Founded in 1910 we are proud to have over 100 years of experience in the protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property rights, and continue to lead the field with our insight, innovation and quality. We offer a full range of intellectual property services dedicated to maximising the value of our clients’ technologies, brands and designs. 

Mathys & Squire has an impressive global client base, which includes Nordic corporations such as AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk (and ZymoGenetics), Novozymes Bioag, and NsGene. Our patent attorneys hold scientific degrees spanning all areas of biotechnology and most hold commercially-focussed PhDs. Several of our biotech attorneys have worked within multinational corporations, which complement well with our firm’s ethos for providing commercially relevant solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing clear and succinct advice, and our relaxed focused approach has helped many of our clients to raise funding, improve marketability, provide a solid exit strategy, and strengthen their position through acquisition. A good example of this approach is provided by Syntaxin Ltd (part-funded by Lundbeckfonden Ventures). When established in 2005, Syntaxin had an estimated market value of £1M. Over the next 8 years, Mathys & Squire guided the company’s IP strategy to position and secure grant of key patents protecting core technology areas of commercial importance to Syntaxin. During the same period, we provided IP assessment and due diligence on a targeted competitor prior to acquisition of said IP by Syntaxin, and helped steer the company through extensive IP due diligence associated with three separate rounds of funding, resulting in the acquisition of Syntaxin by Ipsen (July 2013) based on an estimated value of £100M for Syntaxin.

Working with our clients, we have achieved notable success and we are often selected for high-stake cases relating to pharmaceutical and biotechnological products, such as blockbuster product Humira® for Abbvie, and complex portfolios for Biogen in Europe including “anti-LINGO”, “TWEAK”, “interferon-beta” (Plegridy® and Avonex®), “natalizumab” (Tysabri®), and “hemophilia” (Eloctate® and Alprolix®).  Our extensive experience in these proceedings and our awareness of how to manage and take advantage of the procedural and substantive aspects of the law allow us to devise and present a case in the client’s best commercial interests. For this reason, the attorneys in our group are also regularly retained by large corporations to take on difficult, commercially important opposition cases both at first instance and appeal level.

Whether our clients are licensing their IP to others, or seeking investment funding, their IP will come under intense scrutiny. Our rigorous approach to IP management helps build a robust portfolio that will withstand this scrutiny.

Please visit Mathys & Squires website for more.

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