Scandi Cup 2017

Once again The Danish Church in London and Team Denmark FC invite Scandinavian companies, organisations and friendly teams to the yearly 5-a-side tournament called Scandi Cup. Team Denmark FC expects to gather 3-4 teams and members can participate for only £5 per person. Alternatively you can register your own team, which costs £75 per team – be aware that not all players on your team need to be Scandinavian. The tournament is for both boys and girls – all levels are welcome.

When? Saturday 23rd September from 11.30 am to 4 pm

Where? Camden Rhino Turf, 21 Castlehaven Rd, NW1 8RU

Who? Skandinavian companies organisations and friendly teams

Registration? Latest Sunday 17th September on  or E-mail


LEGO® celebrating - Looking for children

The following is in Danish, so if you know any Danish families please share. 

Vi søger børn i alderen 5-11 år med stor opfindsomhed  til at deltage i en sjov LEGO® byggeudfordring. For at fejre 60-årsdagen for LEGO-klodsen kører vi en onlinekampagne, der handler om børns kreativitet.Vi har ikke brug for vidunderbørn eller LEGO-mesterbyggere, blot børn med personlighed, fantasi og selvtillid nok til at bygge med LEGO-klodser uden regler.Børnene skal have et af følgende sprog som deres førstesprog: japansk, koreansk, kantonesisk, taiwanesisk mandarin, mandarin, engelsk (USA), spansk (Amerika), spansk, tysk, russisk, fransk, dansk eller italiensk.De skal have en slægtning eller ven af lignende alder, som taler det samme modersmål som børnene selv.Hvis det lyder sjovt, og du kunne tænke dig at vide mere, bedes du sende en e-mail til eller ringe på +44 7510 956 749. Du bedes opgive nogle basale oplysninger om barnet som f.eks. alder og modersmål.

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Nordic Intellectual Property - value of phones & chocolate

A number of high-profile cases involving Nordic IP have enjoyed widespread media attention in recent months (see also our earlier commentary in the Sep ‘16 newsletter on the impressive contribution of Denmark to the number of International Patent applications (ED: Link). From cell phone components to chocolate bars (and even the name of a Nordic country itself!), Nordic IP continues to show its importance on an international scale.

IP vs Goliath

Nokia and Ericsson are well known pioneers of the cell phone industry. Despite increasing competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung, the value of their IP (which was central to setting cellular standards) continues to provide them significant gains. In Dec ’16, Nokia asserted 32 ‘smartphone’ patents relating to displays, user interfaces, software, antennae, chipsets and video coding against Apple across multiple jurisdictions. Through leveraging their strong patent portfolio, Nokia has been able to enter into a financial agreement with Apple (thought to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars) allowing Apple to use its technology. Patents acquired from Ericsson have allowed Unwired Planet to enter into and subsequently settle infringement disputes with Goliaths Samsung, Google and Apple. More recently, the English courts ordered Huawei to pay a global fee to Unwired Planet for the use of technology covered by these patents. Acquiring these patents from the Swedish pioneer Ericsson has indeed proven worthwhile to Unwired Planet, and will yield further gains for Ericsson given that it was agreed that Ericsson should share revenues generated from the patents.


A critical judgement relating to the trade marking of ‘shapes’, in which Nestlé were refused a trade mark for the shape of its four-fingered KitKat bar, was highly influenced by the existence of Norwegian chocolate bar ‘Kvikk Lunsj’. The four-fingered rectangular shape of Kvikk Lunsj was significant ammunition for Cadbury (part of the same parent company which owns Kvikk Lunsj) when convincing the courts that this shape does not belong solely to the KitKat and should not be trade marked as such – as a result the Norwegian treat can continue to be sold in its original, beloved form.

Many will have heard of the Iceland trademark saga which broke at the end of last year, in which the Icelandic government is seeking to cancel the “Iceland” trademark owned by the supermarket of the same name. Iceland (the country) is pursuing this action to gain more freedom in national branding. However, Iceland (the supermarket) is unlikely to let go of the trademark easily, given the enormous value it brings to its brand strategy.

The value of a strong IP portfolio

These cases and their widespread media coverage have forced the world to stand up and notice the global impact of IP originating from Nordic companies. Given the enormous value of these cases, we’re sure more and more companies in Britain and elsewhere will seek to bolster their IP portfolio to Nordic levels of strength.

Lionel Newton, the author of this report welcomes your comments and feedback to this.

Lionel Newton
Technical Assistant
Mathys & Squire

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Mathys & Squire is a Corporate Member of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce

georg jensen


CEO and senior entrepreneur turns 70 years old


On the 27th of July Ole Bentzen turns 70 years old and he is still going strong with a career that started in one of Denmark’s largest supermarket chains Irma, and involved a business trip to China that became the beginning of something new.

Vision, Value, Growth and a well-branded acumen have, according to Ole Bentzen, never been more important than now where digitalization sets the agenda in the world of business.

The ability to create presence and network with clients and employees have never been more important for leaders, and that is something Ole Bentzen has a passion for. As an entrepreneur and mentor he uses his experience from a long life in the top management in Danish business life to provide speeches, training and workshops

However he has also found the time to write a personal management book, and take a patent. Ole Bentzen believes that we need to be better at using senior citizens on the job market and he spearheads the idea himself. Being older should be viewed as strength instead of weakness.

The turtle Lo Shu – The Ninesquares Management

Ole Bentzen was up until 1988 part of the top management as a young CEO in the supermarket chain Irma. He then became CEO for Thiele, one of Denmark’s largest chains of opticians. Here he developed a management model “the nine squares” that among other things have been inspired by his many business trips to China and the story of the magic turtle Lo Shu, who has nine squares on its back.

The nine squares on the tortoiseshell is part of a whole. It is “the magic square” that gives peace, direction and results. This very combination has according to Ole Bentzen provided inspiration for why and how you get clients, employees and know-how to perform as a unit.

The client and employees walks hand-in-hand

After 26 years when Ole Bentzen retired as CEO from Thiele it became his goal to pass on his experience through speeches, education and brand training. He wants to share his knowledge combined in the “nine squares model” that has evolved to a brand school for entrepreneurs and leaders, that wishes to develop their business towards a greater focus on costumers.

The motto of Ole Bentzens life as a senior citizen has been “rather wise than withered”. And he fully lives by that motto. He has among other things launched a digital tool in the form of an app. It focuses on the interaction between clients and co-workers in order to achieve the best brand culture. It is according to Ole Bentzen very important to keep blood flowing in both your body and brain.

Ole Bentzen is a sought after speaker and workshop teacher by companies, also in China, where it all started and where the inspiration for the nine squares came from.

The birthday itself is celebrated privately on the 27th of July with a brand themed party for friends and family. A party his four grandkids especially look forward too.


Editor: Ole Bentzen is a member of the Chamber with his company The Ninesquares.



Georg Jensen Competition! Win a Georg Jensen Fusion ring


 This summer, we are delighted to invite you to win your own Fusion ring. Premier Member of the Chamber's Advisory Board, Georg Jensen offers you to take part, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Visit your local Georg Jensen store
  2. Take a picture of your favourite Fusion ring combination
  3. Follow @GeorgJensen on Instagram
  4. Post your picture on Instagram with a caption that tells us what the rings represent to you and hashtag #MyFusionRing

The competition ends August 31st 2017. View terms and conditions. 

Designed in 1987 by Nina Koppel, one of Georg Jensen’s most iconic designers, Fusion has always been revolutionary by actively encouraging the wearer to play an integral part in the jewellery design process. The collection now includes statement rings, bangles, pendants and earrings in yellow, white and rose gold. Also available with or without precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

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georg jensen


Great restaurant leaders


Over the last 18 years, I have myself been working as a line manager, as well as advising leaders about how to improve the productivity and performance of restaurant businesses, from start-ups to more established chains.

I have seen restaurant leaders on a mission to build businesses that deliver ongoing strong performance by creating great employee and customer promises. Their goal is to build a strong restaurant brand that can perform well now and in the future, no matter what challenges they meet. They understand that it is not just about strategy, but about their ability to build high performing cultures - as the famous quote attributed to Peter Drucker says: "culture eats strategy for breakfast".

I believe that one of the core reasons why some restaurant leaders succeed and other fails when it comes to building high performing restaurant cultures is their mindset and approach to leadership. In my next couple of articles, I will write about leadership mindset and approach from my own experience and observations in the restaurant industry.

Being able to build high performing cultures has historically been and is still a core competitive factor, but one that many do not spend enough time and resources creating. An example of a company that does this very well, however, is McDonald’s: expectations of how the business must be run are crystal clear, and a consistent leadership approach and mindset (based around well-established systems) permeates the business.

More recently, we have seen new concepts and players scaling quickly because they are using the culture and leadership approach to set the pace for scale and impact - chains like SweetGreen and Founding Farmers master this to excellence. They understand that we now operate in a world where the resources and systems that are available, are no longer only available for the big and mighty restaurant chains - it al comes down to your mindset and leadership approach and translates this into a strong culture. 

The evolution of technology has primarily made this gap smaller, and the movement of people between countries has changed the talent pipeline game. I recognise that financial muscle will always give you the speed of scaling, but won’t guarantee consistent operational standards, sales and profit in the same way that a strong culture will, year on year.

So what I am saying is that your culture is directly impacted by the leadership approach and mindset of leaders across the organisation, and even more by the top management. 

All the restaurant leaders I have met over the years are very different in their experience and the ways they are operating their businesses, but the successful ones I have met all had a fairly specific mindset....

The Window and Mirror mindset 

From my perspective, there are in broad terms two kinds of leadership mindset when it comes to deal with success and failure: The Window and the Mirror mindset.

The Window Mindset is defined by blaming the people, tools or systems for being the core reason for their team's or organisation's lack of results. They turn to the external environment or their people to find the reason for them not succeeding - they are looking out of the window instead of in the mirror.

A classic example of this kind of thinking is that when I work with leaders to improve their team or organisation, they comment that "there aren't enough good people and they don’t want to do their work properly", or "it’s too hard to compete in the existing market because of rising costs, etc.". Far from being the real reason, it is probably more a sign of their mindset and approach, which is not just impacting their performance, but also their team and organisation. 

As you probably already guessed, leaders with a Mirror Mindset look at themselves and ask questions to sharpen or replace what does not contribute to excellent performance. They face the facts and take full personal responsibility, when people, tools or systems are not working; they don't spend time on blaming or making excuses - they look in the mirror instead of the window and ask themselves; "what have I done to create this situation and how can I get fixed?”.  

They also often give the honour and praise to people in their team or organisation for the success that has been achieved. If they cannot find a person or team to give the praise, they often link it to pure luck - not themselves.

How to get a strong Mirror Mindset

Improving your mindset is a bit like training for a marathon: it takes lots of practice and discipline. 

I am a big believer that if you want to improve your performance on every level, you need to immerse yourself 100% and become dedicated, so I would advise any restaurant leader that wants to improve their leadership mindset to do the following:

  • to get a mentor or coach that has done it themselves in a restaurant environment
  • get new knowledge by reading books and attending relevant training events
  • ask yourself questions on a weekly basis to step up and reflect on your performance

Here are three questions to ask yourself to improve your Mirror mindset:

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how good have I been at giving others (not myself) praise and recognition for the results we have achieved this week?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how well did I take responsibility for the things that did not go that well?
  • What will I do differently in the coming week?

I hope this will inspire you to take action - so now go out and be the leader you would want to be lead by. 


Gowling WLG, host of Summer Reception of 2017


Dear Fellow DUCC Members and Guests,

On behalf of my colleagues at Gowling WLG, I'd like to welcome you all to our London home at 4 More London Riverside for the 2017 DUCC Annual Summer Reception. Our firm has been in London since 1730 and our current, state-of-the-art London office is still firmly situated within London's historic heart – overlooking the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  

As a Top 50 international law firm with more than 1400 legal professionals across the world, Gowling WLG has a deep connection with Denmark and the wider Nordic region. Our dedicated Nordic Desk has been operational for almost 15 years and has representatives drawn from our offices in the UK, France, Germany and Canada. The team includes Danish, Swedish and Norwegian speakers and they act as our "ambassadors" in the region.

Members of the Desk travel every month to the major cities in the Nordic Region and are in Copenhagen and Aarhus several times a year, meeting with our clients, law firms and other advisory firms (such as accountants and financial advisers).


Our Nordic Desk are completely comfortable with project managing a cross-border legal solution for our clients where more than one jurisdiction is involved in the transaction or advice concerned. We can call upon one of our own 19 offices across the world. We don't have offices in the Nordic region and regularly work in conjunction with independent best friend law firms in the Nordic countries.

Whether advising you on domestic issues in a country where we have our own office or helping you with a cross-border solution, we will ensure that you get the same, seamless service.

I hope that you all enjoy the Summer Reception ! 

Julian Henwood
Co-Chair of Nordic Desk


Gowling WLG is a valued member of the Chamber. Visit their member profile for more information. 


Scandinavian Business Seating launches new Company Name

There is more to our name change than reducing the number of letters from 27 to 5. Our intention is simply to make our overall knowledge, experience and professional attitude more accessible to customers and business partners. Flokk is Norwegian for herd, or flock. The name is inspired by our collection of strong brands, but also how we work and interact socially in general. Flokk is synonymous with a group, defined by shared ideas, features or values. With our new name and visual identity we emphasise what it was always about in the first place - people. You meet a company that teams up and works with you. At Flokk we design for well-being and performance, supporting the functional needs, identity and culture of our customers. All our brands will continue to develop their products independently. In addition, as Flokk, we have an exceptional capability to offer architects, interior designers, distributors and retailers a whole new level of service, on a large scale.


Flokk is the Norwegian word for flock, which in its most basic terms means a group or a gathering. But it can be much more than that. A Flokk is synonymous with a group, defined by a common idea or goal. It’s about being part of something greater than yourself, while fulfilling your own personality and identity. We like to think that our Flokk is greater than the sum of its parts.

Five remarkable brands have come together to create Flokk, each with their own distinct character and style, but united by a common goal, and a shared passion for ‘deep design thinking.’

Each brand has their own compelling story, from HÅG’s inspirational 75 year journey, from backyard workshop to one of Norway’s most celebrated furniture companies, to Offecct’s 27 year history of truly sustainable development, resulting in the 2015 launch of the Offecct LifeCircle® concept.

Speaking on the subject, Flokk Senior Vice President Christian Lodgaard says “The phrase ‘deep design thinking’ epitomizes how we work, caring sincerely about people and the world we live in. Our goal is to create designs that have positive effects on health, are sustainable and beautiful. We never give up. And we emphasize thoroughness and involving, iterative processes on our road to perfection.”

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Editorial by Camilla Hansen, Ole & Steen


Remembering where I came from

Having lived in the UK for 17 years, my home country Denmark was somewhere I mainly associated with visiting my family and a place I thought of with a huge amount of nostalgia.

I never thought it was a part of my life I would be involved with again but then along came the opportunity to work with Ole & Steen (Lagkagehuset), opening their first bakery outside Denmark. After 10 years in the pub and restaurant industry, it was a surprisingly natural leap and it was clear from the off, that Ole & Steen was about never compromising on quality.  It was always important to us to honour the authenticity of the breads and cakes and so we brought a team of Danish bakers to London as well as hiring Danish team members who had experience with the Danish products. We opened the doors at St James’s in December 2016 and the reception from the UK market (including rye bread hungry Danes and DUCC members) has been phenomenal. It has been fascinating to see how Danish classics have been welcomed.

A new way of being together

One of the things that has surprised me the most about this journey, is how hard it has been to describe who we are and what we do. Yes, we are a bakery (and very proud of that) but we are also a space where families and friends can come together and share a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of London… with cake, food, coffee or wine. The work life balance in Denmark is very different to the UK and the Scandinavian life style serves as a reminder to sometimes slow down and enjoy the little moments in life. At Ole & Steen we never wanted to compete with the fast food businesses of London and in terms of our food offer, that has been one of our biggest challenges. To provide our guests with amazing products in a fast-paced city and still allowing the time to talk to our guests and gently encouraging them to take a breath and gather around something made with love and by hand. It has been welcomed with open arms.

The start of something big and beautiful

The way that our bakery was received at St James’s allowed us to open our second bakery in Richmond in May. In the next three months another two bakeries will follow at Canary Wharf and Victoria, with plans for another 3 or 4 this year alone. Next year will see expansion to New York. For me, it is an absolute dream to be part of this journey. Some of the moments that brought joy as a child growing up in Denmark, are now being shared in the country I have called home for almost 2 decades. I can’t wait to open more bakeries and welcome more Londoners to our way of bread.

Ole & Steen are hosting Nordic Drinks on the 31st of August. See you there!

St James’s                                                  Richmond
56 Haymarket                                         59 George Street
London                                                       Richmond
SW1Y 4RP                                                 TW9 1HE

Ole & Steen is a valued member of the Chamber. Visit their page for more. 



Zendesk Launches Guide- A Next Generation Knowledge Solution- to Provide Smarter Customer Service

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 2, 2017 — Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN) today introduced Zendesk Guide, a smart knowledge base solution that captures the collective knowledge of an organization and combines it with machine learning (ML) technology to deliver a better customer experience. Guide empowers customer service agents to resolve inquiries with contextual insights and gives customers ML-powered self-service customer support. The result for both agents and customers is faster support resolution and outcomes from anywhere. 

“Customers like the convenience of self-service and automation, but they still want answers tailored to their unique situation,” said Adrian McDermott, president of products at Zendesk. “Zendesk Guide meets this need by helping companies deliver knowledge to customers and employees with personalization through machine learning technology and context based on the customer’s journey.”

Through the use of a combination of the Zendesk API, Web Widget, and Mobile SDK as Zendesk Embeddables, Guide allows companies to deliver in-context support anywhere – apps and websites – meeting customers where they already are. And for customers who would prefer self-service, Guide makes self-service quick and convenient. 

Zendesk Guide introduces two new capabilities to deliver faster resolution and better customer service: the Knowledge Capture app and Answer Bot. The Knowledge Capture app converts customer interactions into an opportunity for agents to capture and share information that enriches the knowledge base. Answer Bot utilizes information from the knowledge base, combined with advanced machine learning technology, to automate responses to customer inquiries for better service outcomes. 

Knowledge Capture App 

There are multiple challenges customer service agents face. For example, wasting time repeating themselves, providing the wrong answer to customers’ inquiries due to out-of-date knowledge articles, and losing product and client know-how every time a peer leaves the team. With the Knowledge Capture app, agents can share their collective knowledge with their customers and peers more effectively reduce the errors caused by outdated information and improve the quality of the self-service content over time. 

Companies can use the Knowledge Capture app to: 

● Increase Efficiency of Capturing Know-How: Now, customer interactions are an opportunity to capture new content, flag outdated content, and search for articles to hyperlink within tickets — all directly within Zendesk Support. The continuous feedback loop increases efficiency by creating a knowledge resource for both new and seasoned agents to use and improve their productivity and experience.
● Improve Insights on Knowledge Usage: With insights from the Knowledge Capture app, customer support managers can see which teammates are contributing to the company’s knowledge assets and which pieces of content are the best at resolving issues. 

Answer Bot 

Forrester reports that 76 percent of customers prefer self-service support to find their own answers as opposed to speaking with a customer service representative [1]. For the growing numbers of customers who would rather help themselves, Answer Bot makes self-service quick and convenient. 

Answer Bot uses deep learning technology — the most advanced machine learning capabilities — to improve self-service efficiency by responding to customer’s questions with relevant knowledge base articles before they ever reach an agent. Answer Bot provides more informed answers automatically and gets smarter with every answer delivered. 

Companies of all sizes can benefit from using Answer Bot to:

● Improve the customer experience: Give customers the information they need to resolve issues themselves, for faster resolution.
● Allow Agents to Focus on complex tasks and customer relationships: Automate answers to simple, repetitive questions so service agents can focus on more complex or interpersonal tasks. 

Answer Bot will be first available for email and extended to other channels such as Web Form, Web Widget, and Chat over time. 

Zendesk Guide was developed by Zendesk’s Copenhagen product team, who previously brought the Help Center product to market. Answer Bot was developed by Zendesk’s Melbourne data team, who previously brought Satisfaction Prediction to market. 

To learn more about Zendesk Guide and how to be a part of the early access programs for both Knowledge Capture app and Answer Bot, please visit 

[1] Forrester, “Online Self Service Dominates Yet Again. Why? It’s An Effortless Way To Get To Your Answers,” January 28, 2016 by Kate Leggett

About Zendesk

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. More than 94,000 paid customer accounts in over 150 countries and territories use Zendesk products. Based in San Francisco, Zendesk has operations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Learn more at


Zendesk is a valued member of the Chamber's Premier Membership - the Advisory Board. Please visit their website for more. 

Maersk goes big in digital transformation with Microsoft

NEW YORK, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Global transport and logistics powerhouse Maersk announced on Wednesday that it has joined forces with Microsoft Corp. in a strategic move to revolutionize supply-chain management and global trade. From its connected vessels to its transportation economics, the company is betting on Microsoft to fuel growth and power logistics globally. This agreement means that: 

  • Microsoft has been selected as the preferred cloud partner for Maersk's digital transformation journey, supporting its high-value assets such as carrier performance, equipment utilization and supplier performance. 
  • Microsoft Azure is the digital platform of record to power Maersk's app store and help fuel business model innovations. 
  • Microsoft's intelligent cloud will be used to enhance operational performance, increase the visibility and predictability of supply chains, and improve service to millions of Maersk customers worldwide.

In total, Maersk estimates that the power of data will help save tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line annually. "Our aim is to simplify and enhance visibility in supply chains by providing a seamless end-to-end digital experience for our customers," said Ibrahim Gokcen, chief digital officer, Maersk. "Microsoft Azure is the cornerstone in our digital strategy, providing one common platform shared by all our transport and logistics businesses. On Azure, we are also creating a marketplace of apps and digital products that improve operations and drive better business decisions."

Maersk Line Connected Vessel: 30 TB of data is transmitted by the Maersk Line fleet over satellite link every month.

Maersk Line Connected Vessel: 30 TB of data is transmitted by the Maersk Line fleet over satellite link every month.

Maersk is the largest transport and logistics company in the world with offices in 130 countries and a fleet of more than 1,000 vessels. The company's container carrier, Maersk Line, sails in all major trade lanes, transporting more than 17 million containers annually, and its terminal operating unit, APM Terminals, is operating in more than 70 ports worldwide. Delays in manufacturing, bad weather, terminal bottlenecks and other incidents routinely cause disruptions to global supply chains. The ability to anticipate, make timely decisions and take swift action is critical when millions of dollars are on the line and unforeseen events impact shipments and business productivity. 

Maersk has big plans to leverage digital solutions to revolutionize the way it operates its assets, some of which are already underway. Today every ship is tracked by GPS and connected to shore by satellite communications. Using data generated from flow meters, control and alarm systems, sensors, and time stamps, Maersk can analyze and improve fuel efficiency, reduce port stays and provide better network designs. Maersk Line has also harnessed data to effectively lower emissions per transported container by 42 percent between 2007 and 2016. 

Damco, Maersk's business unit for supply-chain solutions, recently launched several digital supply-chain solutions built on Microsoft Azure. The next app to be launched is a digital app for Customs House Brokerage. The preparation of documents to clear goods is an increasingly important part of the supply chain. Damco's solution provides customers with outstanding visibility as well as the ability to manage the clearing of goods by exception. The app combines big data from both internal and external sources, which increases the capability for analytics including exception management and predictive analytics. All this plus a top-notch user experience makes it a true differentiator in the industry. 

Data is a key resource in supply-chain management tasks such as forecasting, planning and tracking customer deliveries. The sheer volume of data Maersk generates presents an enormous opportunity, and one that is largely untapped. With the power of the Microsoft Cloud, Maersk is turning on the data spigot to provide actionable insights for tactical and strategic decision-making and operational efficiencies, as well as to create new lines of business and revenue streams. 

"The future of Maersk is very exciting. As a forward-thinking company, it is digitally transforming its massive logistics network to bring even greater value to its customers," said Judson Althoff, executive vice president, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft. "We are tremendously honored that Maersk has selected Microsoft as its preferred cloud partner for its most critical systems and applications." 

Leveraging Microsoft technologies and advanced analytics, Maersk will integrate container logistics across the value chain to provide reliable, efficient services by increasing the performance of its assets. By providing increased visibility and new products and services, Maersk will increase the predictability of customers' supply chains to drive cost leadership, and enhanced customer experience and business model innovation. Maersk is also building a digital platform (app store) to turn operational and commercial data into software solutions powered by advanced analytics for its Transport & Logistics division and its customers.

"Eventually Maersk's vessels and containers and other assets will be generating terabytes of data on operations and activities in real time, and machines and people will be talking to each other, learning things about our operations and our customers that we can't even imagine now — and they'll be available as products, for download," Gokcen said. 

The announcement was made at Microsoft's Digital Difference event in New York City. Additional news and stories can be found at, and the conversation can be followed on social media using the hashtag #DigitalDifference. 

About Maersk 

A.P. Moller - Maersk is an integrated transport & logistics company with multiple brands and is a global leader in container shipping and ports. Including a stand-alone Energy division, the company employs roughly 88,000 employees across operations in 130 countries.

Transport & Logistics consists of Maersk Line, APM Terminals, Damco, Svitzer and Maersk Container Industry. The mission of these businesses is to enable and facilitate global supply chains and provide opportunities for our customers to trade globally.

About Damco 

Damco is at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions. Damco fuses its global network and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable customers to stay ahead. Damco's vision is to connect and simplify supply chains across the globe.

Damco is comprised of experts in the field of complex, rapidly changing markets such as fashion, retail and technology. With a presence in over 100 countries, and more than 11,000 employees worldwide, Damco combines global reach with depth of local understanding. In 2016 Damco reached a turnover of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, managed 659 thousand TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of ocean freight, and 190 thousand tons of air freight.

Damco is proud to be a part of A.P. Moller – Maersk.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT" @Microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


SOURCE Microsoft Corp.

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Video: Deloitte millennials are changing the future of finance leadership

By Lesley Stewart, CA Today

1 May 2017

According to the annual Deloitte Millennial Survey, a sense of purpose wins over profit for the future generation of leaders. Lesley Stewart talks to Jan Bowen-Nielsen, founder of Quiver Management, on building a career strategy that aligns with your passions. 

“Life in the 21st Century is not a linear predictable process, and there are so many factors that will influence how your career unfolds,” says Jan Bowen-Nielsen, discussing career goals.

“It is important to have some clear long-term goals and objectives, but you need to be flexible and be ready to adjust your plans and to grab unexpected opportunities. Have alternatives and options.”

Turbulent political times, economic instability, and world conflict last year had a significant impact on young people in the accountancy sector, and the results of the Deloitte sixth annual Millennial Survey reveal that the majority of young professionals find purpose and positive culture are more important than financial success.

Find your passion + find your purpose

Jan believes in order to achieve success it’s important to have goals and a career strategy, but stresses that to find purpose your professional life you should first find your passion.

“A good career coach will start not with the role, but rather what you enjoy doing, what you are passionate about, and what you regard as success. Out of this will come a number of possible roles and routes that can meet these,” Jan explains.

“With clarity around the long-term aspirations and some of the key milestones, the focus should shift towards the near-term.

“What do you need to learn, experience and demonstrate to make you ready and eligible for the next career step?”

Finding purpose is intrinsically linked to reviewing your progress and taking action. Jan said: “As the plan and life unfolds, consider corrective action if it is not going as expected. And yes, sometimes the ultimate career goals can change as you develop and gain more experience.”

In the next part of our Quiver Careers Series, Jan gives his top tips for newly qualified CAs and millennials looking to create their career strategy. Check back next week to find out the Essential Five Strategies you need to achieve your career goals.

About Jan Bowen-Nielsen

Jan Bowen-Nielsen is founder and director of Quiver Management, a team of qualified and highly experienced coaches and leadership development specialists.  Get in touch with Jan to find out how his team of coaches may be able to help you.


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