The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Lone Strøyberg, who came to London in 1985 at the age of 28 and became the first Managing Director of the Danish UK Chamber of Commerce in 1989. Lone died tragically young of ovarian cancer on September 6th 2003. With her ability, charm, humour and her hard work ethic, she was a crucial member of the team that set up the Chamber in 1989 and was critical to its success in its early years. We want to honour her by establishing this scholarship.

The aim of the scholarship is to encourage young, bright, international-thinking and commercially aware Danes, as Lone was, to leave Denmark and experience working life in the UK for one to two years; to improve their English and provide relevant work experience, to help them gain an understanding and appreciation of contemporary Britain, British business life and to motivate them to have challenging business careers and act as ambassadors between Denmark and the UK throughout their lives.

The intention is that it will also strengthen Danish businesses in their endeavours to remain international in years to come, when the scholar returns to Denmark or a Danish company.

Specifically the scholarship will fund young Danes enabling them to undertake internships at the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce, located within the Royal Danish Embassy, as well as with the Chamber’s corporate members in the UK. By working through the Chamber, the scholars will have an unrivalled opportunity to take advantage of the extensive commercial network provided by the Chamber through its membership of commercial organisations, allowing them to expand their own professional careers, using the experience and invaluable contacts established during their stay in the UK.

The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce
The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit networking organisation whose aim is to promote trade and investment between Denmark and the UK by providing companies with a dynamic and pro-active business forum.

Candidates are most likely to be scholars, having achieved the Danish gymnasium (A levels), graduate or post-graduate degrees, seeking international work experience before starting their business careers, or be at the early stages of their particular careers. Their interests could be in finance, business, marketing, communication, but the right candidate could also have a completely different focus if it was felt appropriate.

Legal Structure
The Scholarship is established as a “Community Interest Company” (CIC) managed by, but legally separate from, the Danish UK Chamber of Commerce. It will have a board of at least four, including representatives from the Danish-UK Chamber, and the Strøyberg/Vagn-Jensen family. Assets in the CIC will be “locked” and can only be transferred to a named charity, The Eve Appeal, should the scholarship be wound up for any reason.

Funding will be by charitable donation, and funds will go towards living expenses, including rental costs, and home visits for the chosen candidates during their stay in London. The scholarship is currently proposing to give circa £25.000 per annum per candidate. The present aim is to secure the funding for up to 5 candidates per annum and for an initial period of 5 years.


The following article was written in 1989 by William Schwarck, Jyllands-Posten:


The Lone Strøyberg Scholarship Community Interest Company, St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD
Registered in England and Wales with Company No. 09705208


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