The landscape around the structuring of deals is changing rapidly. The introduction of new or revised rules, such as interest restrictions and anti-debt pushdown rules, are creating challenges to the way transactions are financed. The EU has introduced the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive while the OECD multi-lateral instrument will restrict treaty benefits for many types of investment/holding vehicles and tax authorities are seeking new ways of enforcing GAAR rules and other measures to challenge structures.

Add Brexit to the mix and those with responsibility for M&A, integration and carve-outs are faced with a raft of new issues to tackle.

Join us on Wednesday 13 December at our London offices where Baker McKenzie will be joining forces with Arntzen de Besche from Norway, Bech Bruun from Denmark and Borenius from Finland to share our unique insights and perspectives on this changing transactional landscape.

M&A and Tax experts will take you through the latest developments in the Nordics and the UK, share their thoughts, and facilitate a debate on how tax and M&A professionals should rethink their approach to transactions and international structuring in this changed world and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Topics to be covered include:

M&A trends: M&A specialists will take you through current trends in the UK and Nordics markets.

Pressure points: A look into issues putting pressure on M&A deals, covering tax and more general legal changes.

Brexit - a pressure point of its own: An update of the current status, including views from our Customs, Tax and Employment experts.

The effects of the pressure points: How to deal with the added complexity and the unexpected, to include warranty and indemnity insurance. 

We do hope you can join us. 

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