Mobile has officially taken over. Since 2009, mobile web browsing has been steadily growing, while the desktop’s share of web traffic has steadily decreased. According to Google, 60 % of searches currently take place on mobiles. 

As a result, in 2018 Google will introduce a mobile-first index, changing how they crawl the Internet for pages and documents from a desktop browser view to a mobile browser view. Basically, this means that if you still want customers to be able to find you on Google, you need to start your mobile-first makeover now!

What you get from the seminar

For this seminar, we have invited Leo Kielland from Google to give you an insight into the world of mobile marketing. For the hands-on part Novicell’s Joseph Goodson will advise you on how to embrace the shift in customers' browsing habits and will guide you through the steps to becoming a successful mobile marketer i 2018.

This seminar will teach you about:

  • Mobile figures and statistics: Google brings the latest numbers and trends to the UK market.
  • Mobile videos: The benefits of mobile video content and mobile advertising and which formats work the best
  • Mobile SEO: How to get your mobile web pages right (we will discuss parameters such as core ranking, indexing and leveraging mobile keywords)
  • Mobile ads: How to boost engagement with mobile and video ads, eg. Click-To-Call-campaigns, Mobile pay-per-click ads, Google Shopping ads, banner ads, retargeting ads, display ads. etc.
  • General keys to success: Easy gains and wins, and steps to make sure your customers will find you on Google

Who is this seminar for

This seminar is for anyone who wants to stay abreast of the latest trends in digital and mobile marketing, in particular:

  • Marketing and sales heads who want to ensure their website is working much more effectively in accordance with the new Google indexing
  • Marketing team members who want to maximise their company’s rankings and traffic when potential clients search
  • Anyone responsible for sales and marketing in professional, consultancy and business technology companies, including anyone with marketing responsibilities  

As this seminar is popular, we reserve the right to give booking priority to people in this target group. 

Who will lead the seminar

The seminar will be presented by Novicell’s Digital Marketing Consultant Joseph Goodson. He has a wide experience in digital marketing, where he has devised digital strategies that include SEO, AdWords, Analytics and social media marketing.

Joseph will be joined by Google’s Leo Kielland, who is travelling all the way down from the HQ in Dublin. Leo works as an Agency Development Manager.

When and what

15:00-15:30: Registration 

15:30-17:30: Seminar with Google and Novicell, including Q&A

17:30-18:00: Networking 

We would like to invite everyone who has the time to stay for networking drinks in the WeWork kitchen afterwards. You are certain to meet some interesting people – and maybe even a potential customer or partner.

* Note! This event is not a DUCC event, but one we have kindly offered to publish on behalf of our network. DUCC cannot be held liable for anything related to this. Thus any comments, questions or reclamation please contact the organiser directly.

Novicell is a highly-valued member of the chamber. Feel free to check out their member profile. 



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