According to a new statement from IHS Markit, Denmark is now the sixth biggest shipping nation in the world judged by the amount of operated tonnage.

The statement proves that the Danish shipping industry thrives. Danish shipping companies grow; they both own and charter an increasing number of ships, which has now led to Denmark overtaking Germany on the list. A list which now has Greece in the leading position, followed by Japan, China, Singapore and the United States.The statement reveals that the difference between the fifth place, the US, and Denmark is only 700 million gross tons – but this lead may soon be offset. On 22 January 2018 the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs presented their growth agreement, which aims to make Denmark a global maritime hub by the end of 2025. The initiatives in the agreement include the abolishment of the registration fee for merchant ships.Partner in Kromann Reumert's department for maritime and transport law, Henrik Thal Jantzen, sees great potential for the industry following the new political agreement.

"I believe that the future of the shipping industry in general is bright. I expect to see an increase in shipping activities in Denmark; as always, this places great demands on legal aspects such as review of maritime contracts and assistance in disputes. Marine disputes or casualties often involve marine and cargo insurance issues, which will also in the future be a key factor. These are areas in which our department has expertise and provide advice to both Danish and international shipping companies and marine insurance companies," Henrik Thal Jantzen, partner at Kromann Reumert, says.

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