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London stock exchange
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Is a financial centre worth the risk?

- and is the EU Bank Union a safeguard? - 2 October, London

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Welcome by Gunnar Larsen, Managing Director from the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce.
Setting the scene by moderator of the evening Robert Spliid, Columnist Børsen, External Lecturer Copenhagen Business School.
Global Financial Centres: Do The Rewards Outweigh The Risks?, Prof. Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, The Z/Yen Group of Companies.
"The Top Centres Are Being Chased but New York Is Still Number One," report by the Z/Yen Group of Companies publiced 22. September 2014.
"Is it an option for the British government to refrain from banking support in future financial crises?" Lars Christensen, Chief Analyst, Head of Emerging Markets Research, Danske Research, Danske Bank.
”Can we save the city AND protect the public purse?”, Michael Ingram, Market Strategist, BGC Brokers.
Lessons learned
Q&A Moderated by Robert Spliid
End of evening
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